The project of what we have done:

As investor, we find good exhibition or artists, and make temporary show for 2-3 month. Also we have some good cooperator.

Sample of the projects we have done:

A: The Quest of immortality –the hidden treasures of egypt”

cooperate with British Bolton Museum, we move 328 pieces of antiques that is between 6500-3500 years ago, include 5 mummies, one of Mummy is the son of great Egypt king–Ramesses II, it’s the biggest egypt exhibition in mainland China.

B: the paper work of zoo:the paper animals and gardens”

Cooperate with Taiwan biggest education Group, we use remake papers , invite the Taiwan and China artists,make the paper zoo, and also make merchandise together.

C: the memory of the love:


Cooperate with Paris art organization “POE, GaiteLyriqu”, except we borrow 150 “love gifts” from Love museum France, we also collect 100 love gifts and stories from China, and show in China–it’s a quite welcome for young people ;

ICIF–China International Cultural Industry Fair

As the only international cultural, art industries fair in China, ICIF is committed to building a art platform for China’s cultural projects, driving the development of China’s cultural industries and advancing the globalization of Chinese cultural products.

As VIP Guest, HONGPLD was 4 time’s invited by the government and we hold art show with international art sculptures, antique furniture, paintings and other videos…

As represent of Government, HONGPLD also have invited “Dali Universals , German collectors, galleries, artists to ICIF already!


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