The Art Adviser is a art specialist and art market expert. His role starts from the selection of the best galleries and exhibitions to visit, according to the artistic research, the artists’ value, the curator relationship and participation in art fairs. The visit is carried out with the guidance to the current exhibition and the works of the artists represented by selected galleries, with a focus to the artist’s career and quotations.

whatever artworks you are looking to purchase, Hongpld will select works tailored to your needs, space, and style. Depending on your request, we will suggest a carefully chosen selection .

We offer art advisory program to both individuals and trade professionals .

Actually, because crossover east and west, we have good understanding for culture and religion , we help Asia clients to find “the match artworks” who they are willing to buy—both for happy and money.

Also, we have good connection with Gallery, Auction….even the art transfer company ,art

insurance company, and art lawyer.

Art collection is a great story for every collector, we have make good experience and reputation for our clients.

If you are a art collector…..

If you are a dealer of art gallery…..

If you are special for art work….

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The pictures for “Dali’s buy”.

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